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These videos will help you out on your way to becoming a better music producer.

  • invite-collaborators-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to invite collaborators

  • soundation-fl-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to collaborate with FL Studio and Soundation

  • soundation-ableton-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to collaborate with Ableton Live and Soundation


  • layer-drum-loops-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to layer drum loops

  • layer-instrument-loops-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to layer instrument loops

  • customize-loops-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to customize loops

  • one-shots-thumbnail-3_2.jpg

    How to use one-shots


  • Delay 3_2 2.png

    How to use delay

  • Reverb 3_2.png

    How to use reverb

  • Compressor 3_2.png

    How to use a compressor

  • Parametric EQ 3_2.png

    How to use EQ

Mixing techniques

  • Volume mastery: Essential mixing tips for beginners

  • How to make your mix super wide

    How to make your mix super wide

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