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Time stretching in the browser

Time stretch tools: Slow down or speed up audio online

Soundation features great tools for time stretching and pitch shifting of your audio files right in your browser.

What is time stretching?

Time stretching is more than changing the playback speed of your audio. Whether you want to use our studio as an online audio speed changer to make your file or recording faster or slower while keeping the same pitch, or speed up or slow down changing both time and pitch, we’ve got you covered.

Automatic beat matcher

If you’re a music producer working with samples and loops, you can time-stretch or re-pitch them to fit the tempo of your project at the click of a button.

Listen to the example below to hear the off-beat drums line up perfectly with the tempo after being corrected:

  • Off-beat drums
  • Fixed drums

Time shifter

Soundation makes it super easy to customize the length of your audio by using our Time Stretch tool and simply dragging the edge of it. Using the Time Stretch tool will keep the pitch of your audio intact.

  • Piano - Normal speed
  • Piano - Time stretched

Pitch shifter

Looking for an audio pitch changer? You can use the Pitch Stretch tool in our studio to quickly tune your recordings, samples or sound files up or down.

In the slopfunk sound example below, one note of a guitar sample has been pitched to create a melody:

  • Pitched guitar

Music practice companion

Another thing you can use the time stretch tool for is to change the music speed to play along in real-time. Slow it down and loop a section to practice nailing the parts. Or why not take advantage of its functionality for language learning?

  • Rhodes original
  • Rhodes time stretched

Wicked space warp effect

Pushing the time-stretch effect to its extreme has been a popular spice in music production since the early days of Drum and Bass. Use it to design special effects and add unique harmonics to your track.

  • Time stretch - FX normal
  • Time stretch - FX 25%
  • Time stretch - FX 12.5%

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How to…

Regardless of how you want to manipulate your sound the first step is always the same, you need some source material to work with.

  1. 1
    Open Soundation and create a project
  2. 2
    Either drop a music file such as a drum loop from our sample library, drag and drop your own audio file into the studio workspace or make an audio recording in the project

Sync the tempo of your sample to the project

  1. 3
    Set the tempo of your project
  2. 4
    Right-click the audio region and select “Time stretch to fit song tempo” or “Pitch to fit song tempo”

Time stretch

  1. 3
    Press the Time stretch tool or its keyboard shortcut 3
  2. 4
    Drag the edge of your audio file

Pitch stretch

  1. 3
    Press the Pitch stretch tool or its keyboard shortcut 4
  2. 4
    Drag the edge of your audio file

Looking for pitch correction? Check out our Vocal Tuner

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