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Vocal pitch correction

Soundation’s studio has a built-in high-quality pitch correction tool called Vocal Tuner.

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  • Without Vocal tuner

What is pitch correction?

Pitch correction effects such as Vocal Tuner are used to tune signals that are slightly out of key. Perhaps the most useful on vocal tracks, but can be used on anything. It can be used subtly to make a singer sound pitch-perfect in a way that sounds natural. You can also use it as a cool robotic-sounding voice effect, similar to artists like T-Pain, Kanye West, Migos, and Travis Scott.

Autotune vocals with Vocal Tuner in Soundation

How to use Vocal Tuner

For any piece of software to use this sound effect, we first need to do some voice recording or an acapella audio file. Hop into your personal recording studio below, and read some more recommended articles on how to make a great-sounding recording if you need to.

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Adding the effect [Easy]

  1. 1
    Open Soundation and create a project
  2. 2
    Drag and drop an audio file with vocals from your computer or the Soundation Library into the studio
  3. 3
    Mark the channel and bring up the bottom panel by double-clicking it
  4. 4
    Click "+ Add effect" in the bottom panel
  5. 5
    Choose Vocal Tuner from the menu

Setting up the Vocal Tuner [Intermediate]

As with any voice tuner online or offline, getting a mind-blowing sound out of it is all about getting the settings right.

Make your vocals pitch perfect. Soundation's online Vocal tuner is an autotune effect that will make your singing on key every time.

Root note & Scale

Root note & Scale (the two drop-down menus in Vocal Tuner) govern what key and notes it will correct the signal to. It’s important that you choose the same key as your song for it to sound good. In the image above, A# is the root note and Minor Triad is the type of scale.

Tips for figuring out the key and scale of a song

  • Export your track and use a song key finder such as GetSongKEY. Use low quality in your Soundation settings to export, upload and analyze it quickly.
  • Try different settings until it sounds right.
  • If you used loops or midi chord progressions from our sound library, the key and scale is specified there:
Finding the key and scale of a chord progression.


Amount governs how much pitch correction will take place. At 0% it will not correct at all, at 100% your vocal performance will be in perfect pitch. Note that this audio effect won’t correct severe pitch problems, if the original tone is too far off it can't detect which tone it should be corrected to.


Glide governs how fast the pitch correction is, also known as retune speed. At 0% it will be very robotic and at 100% it will be smoother and more natural.

Vocal Tuner settings

Experiment with the settings

Every voice is different, depending on the character of yours and how you want it to sound it will take some fine-tuning if what you’re going for is a natural sound. If however you want to sound like a trap rapper, don’t be afraid to max the amount out, keep the glide at 0% and pick a key and scale remotely close to your instrumental and you should be good.

Best of luck!

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